In 2006 I decided to quit graphic design, fashion design and art video, since I couldn’t stand using a computer anymore. Everything was too easy and fast. Hence I decided to enrol in some Haute-Couture embroidery classes. It took me 8 months to master(ish) the technique. Then I left Paris for 3 years. When I got back to Europe (to the UK to be precise) I decided to start again, but applying the embroidery techniques I’d learnt to represent the cosmos.

Each piece is made by hand, a stitch at the time, on silk fabric, Almost all of the stitches incorporate beads, crystals or sequins: Japanese or Bohemian glass beads, French or Italian sequins, Swarovski Crystals.

The smaller pieces take about two weeks time to finish, while the big ones can take up to nine months.

Considering that I worked on this after my travel to ‘quelquepart‘, I definitely put into practice my acceptance of time.

Unfortunately, I’ve been embroidering too much and my hands are now in a poor condition. I had to have an operation on one hand, thought it still hurts. The other hand is difficult to use and may also need surgery. That’s what can happen when one works too much on very repetitive tasks. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the Black Hole I’ve just started or even finish the Magic Garden (I’ll try this one as it’s almost done).

The prices may look outrageous, but if you consider how much time such an intricate hand-crafted technique takes, the price of the materials and the fact that I do everything on my own for these original pieces, maybe you’ll understand they’re not that expensive at all and that I pay myself very little.

All texts and images ©emessel.

Would you wish to buy an item, please contact me at emessel@gmail.com